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We will miss you, Larry

It is with deep regret and sadness to announce the passing of Ex Chief and Life Member Larry Washburn, Sr. This is a tremendous loss and our thoughts, prayers and love are with the Washburn Family and to all.

Lawrence “Larry” Washburn served for around 70 years joining in March of 1953 and held the offices of Chief, Assistant Chief, Lt, Capt, Treasurer, Trustee, Financial Secretary, and Secretary. He always had a shining face around the firehouse, and community. The things he accomplished in his career are simply incredible, and was an incredible mentor to newer members. The stories that were shared will always be with us, and passed down to others. Please keep the Washburn family, friends, and our members in your thoughts as we cope with this loss. Thank you to all that have reached out during this difficult time, we are forever grateful.

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