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LFD Remembers Life Member Ed Delehanty, Key #56

LFD Remembers Life Member Ed Delehanty, Key # 56.

The officers and members of the Latham Fire Department mourn the loss of Life Member Ed Delehanty who passed away at age 88 on November 14, 2020. Ed joined the department in 1972, and was active as a firefighter, Member of the Board of Directors and EMT. Ed was a vital part of establishing EMS-4 as an effective model of first response basic life support operations in the 1980’s. He and his late wife Gail were very active socially with members young and old. Ed was a veteran serving in the United States Army. Our members and auxiliary honored Ed at his visitation and customary station drive by on November 19 -20, 2020.

His obituary can be viewed here:

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