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Latham Firefighter Returns World Champion

At the Firefighter World Challenge III (WC XXX), Latham Firefighter Stephen Bourassa teamed up with Bill Gaughan, AC, Peters Twp FD (PA) and Bill Christiansen, Ret. BC Lansing FD (MI) to form the "Recycled Teenagers >65 Relay." Their goal was to break the world record for the >65 relay in the Firefighter Combat Challenge. While this was achieved twice, in the wild card run and final, they were crowned World Champions in the event.

The event consists of 5 tasks: Tower climb, hose hoist, forcible entry, hose advance, and victim rescue.

Their time in the finals was 3:05.95.

Firefighter Bourassa was closing out a 29 year career in the Challenge. "This year at WC XXX could not have brought to an end to the competition in a more fitting way," said FF Bourassa. "It was the greatest thrill for this 70 year old, 52 year member of the Latham Fire Department."

Congratulations to Steve and his team on their victory!

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