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In Memoriam: Theodore Wells, 1933 - 2020

LFD remembers Ted Wells: On June 9, 2020, Ted Wells Key #21 passed away.

Ted joined the fire department in 1963 and was a dedicated member throughout his long career. Many of our members remember Ted as "the Dutchman."

Until very recently, he actively participated in fire department activities as a station support member. He served honorably as both a line and civil officer, most prominently as Assistant Fire Chief for 3 years and Building Trustee for 6 years.

Ted received two of our department's highest and most prestigious honors: -Firefighter of the Year in 1988. -50 Year Member Certificate in 2013.

We will remember Ted for his good humor, love of hunting, fishing and NASCAR.

His obituary appears here:

We extend our sincere condolences to Ted's family.

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