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COVID-19 - Reopening of Essential Operations Part 2

The Capital District Region is moving to Phase 4 of the COVID 19 Pandemic shut down, enabling departments to re-open and carry on with Essential Support Operations. The following is in effect beginning July, 1st 2020 in compliance with state guidelines.


Open unless otherwise stated:

· For emergency response calls, including staff assembly following CDC social distancing guidelines.

· For Duty Crew – maximum of 6 firefighters, bunk rooms remain closed for sleep in.

· For group committee/officer meetings, following social distancing guidelines and wearing a mask. Tables, chair arms, etc. to be disinfected at session’s conclusion.

· For general membership attendance, stand-by or work detail, following social distancing and wearing a mask. Tables, chair arm, etc. to be disinfected at session’s conclusion.

· For work-out room – members shall disinfect all equipment and items used at the end of each session.

o Sauna restricted to 2-person occupancy, Showers restricted to 2-unit use.

o Locker, scale (if utilized) to be disinfected after use.

· For Training – Maximum of 20 people (2 instructors and 18 students) with appropriate PPE or mask and social distancing.

o Classroom - proper social distancing and mask, and disinfecting of table, chair arm etc. after session use.

Requirement for Station Activities:

· The responsible officer/member shall complete and file an LFD Report Form signifying: function, date, time, location, with attendees’ signatures and key numbers.

· CLOSED to visitors and/or Community Room use.

· Banquet Facility closed until further review, pending new food service regulations.

· Persons utilizing facilities are required to disinfect any surfaces/chairs/equipment utilized, including borrowed items.

· All apparatus and equipment utilized shall be cleaned and or disinfected after calls.

· Social functions/activities permitted following CDC Guidelines including social distancing, wearing a mask or facial covering and personal hygiene including the routine washing of hands and surface cleaning/disinfecting.


· Maintain 6’ separation between each person (CDC - Proper Social Distancing).

· Wear a mask or facial covering if social distancing cannot be maintained. If feeling sick or ill, STAY HOME!

· The July 11th Members Lake George Dinner Cruise will follow CDC guidelines including the utilization of masks and social distancing.

· The July 13th Monthly Meeting will be at Station 1, downstairs banquet room following the same guidelines.

· Town of Colonie Emergency Service Ambulance 651 is stationed at St 2 with visitor restrictions in place.

Richard Barlette, President

Vince Giovannone, Chief

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